Selling a property you will need to forward

  • Rates notice (Council & Water bill)
  • Body coprporate certificate (if applicable)
  • Land tax notice (if applicable)
  • Copies of building permits issued in the last 8 years (if applicable)

If no further information is required, we can have a Contract of Sale and Section 32 produced for you within 24 hours of receiving the above documents.  Please either fax/email/post to our office.


Buying Property you will need to:

Inform your real estate agent that we will represent you.  Once your real estate agent has the information we are acting on your behalf, they will forward a copy of the contracts to our office

The real estate agent should post the contracts to our office

Once we receive your contracts, we will process them and forward to your address documents to be executed.

All fees are payable at settlement.